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About Digital Cross Trading

Digital Cross Trading is trading digital cards on one app for digital cards on another app which lead to the following benefits:

  • You get to trade cards you DON’T want on one app for cards you DO want on your main app
  • You get to increase your available coins by using your trade partners saved stash
  • You get these extra cards and coins by not having to pay for them

Digital Cross Trading isn’t without risk. You must always be careful to not be “scammed” as one person will always have to accept first. Thus, trust is a big component of making sure you can cross trade effectively.

Currently, The Digital X Trader Podcast, talks about the following apps/trading sites and has used them to digital crosstrade effectively:

  • Topps Star Wars Card Trader
  • Topps Kick
  • Topps Huddle
  • Topps Bunt
  • Topps WWE Slam
  • Topps UFC Knockout
  • Topps The Walking Dead Card Trader
  • Quidd
  • Puppy Card
  • Kitten Card
  • Panini Dunk
  • Panini Gridiron
  • Upperdeck E pack
  • Neon Mob

About Us

Mark and Aaron have never met in person. In fact, the first time they heard each other’s voice was during the very first episode of The Digital X Trader. Mark and Aaron were part of a Star Wars Card Trader trading group. Both Mark and Aaron always found it comical that cards on all the other digital card trading apps were always considered to be “worthless”. Star Wars, no matter the card count or the amount of coins required to get the card, was always considered to be “the good stuff.” Just imagine trading an expensive 750 count Onform on Kick and expected to take a 20,000 count Battlefront teaser card. Could you imagine?

Aaron always wanted to do a podcast. So he asked the trade group if anyone wanted to start one up. Mark agreed. Originally called Digital Card Trader Podcast, it was subsequently decided to stand apart from other Star Wars shows by focusing on the aspect of Digital Cross Trading. The name was then switched to The Digital X Trader Podcast. And they became X Men.

Aaron has always been an avid Star Wars fan. He started with collecting Kenner Toys during the 80’s and continued through the years with playing Star Wars video games, reading Star Wars Books and comics. Aaron originally joined Star Wars Card Trader because he was hoping to get more teasers about The Force Awakens. All of a sudden, he found himself addicted to the Star Wars lifestyle. For his collection, he has gravitated towards making Star Wars Widevision his top priority He also enjoys having a good space painting collection. Beyond Star Wars he is a huge New York Islander fan so he is aiming to have the best New York Islander collection on Topps Skate. His other collections include Star Trek on Quidd, 1986 Mets on Bunt, Chops on Walking Dead, and Upperdeck E Pack. Aaron maintains that he is allowed to change his mind on any of these collections at any time and if he misses an award it will be okay because he’ll just cross trade for it.

Mark has been a Star Wars fan since he was five. Collecting all the old Topps Star Wars cards was his first love in the trading card universe. Now he’s doing the digital thing and focuses on his collection in Star Wars Card Trader app, especially the old Vintage style cards. He’ll pretty much crosstrade anything for Star Wars.

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